Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easy Swaddle by Bebemarmalade

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Easy Swaddle by Bebemarmalade

Swaddling is a time tested method of calming your baby and helping her sleep longer. Experts agree swaddling can decrease risk of SIDS, colic and fussiness. These lightweight blankets allow baby to regulate temperature and help prevent overheating suitable with Malaysia climate.

Easy swaddle blankets are lightweight and compactable. You can easily fold a full size blanket (47” x 47”) into any small pocket and take it with you wherever you go. This flexibility is an added bonus, especially if you are a parent on the go. Parents can use them as a nursing cover, burping cloth, wipes, and for shade. The versatility is only limited by the imagination.

It comes with 2 variant...for Baby Girl and Boy......
and cost you for only RM69.90

Where to get it???
You can buy it at all Fabulous Mom outlets nationwide ( including online )